A chemistry analyzer is one of the most widely used instruments in a clinical laboratory. Accordingly based on some technologies including colorimetry, turbidimetry, nephelometry, ISE, etc., the contents of various sugars, lipids, proteins, ions, enzymes, hormones and a variety of metabolites, drugs in the sample can be sensitively detected.

Genrui's fully-auto analyzers range from 120 Tests/Hour to 400 Tests/Hour, the models include Genrui GS100, GS300Plus, GS480A. To bring convenience for use and improve user experience, Genrui has developed its own brand software and reagents for 3 models.

Genrui's semi-auto analyzer WP21B, WP21A are designed for those small labs and clinics which only require 1-2 operators, programmable parameter setting allows these labs to perform their hot items.

Our China electrolyte analyzer of Genrui GE300, GE500 is closed systems to ensure the best compatibility and test performance while making more trade benefits of the reagent. The different technical requirements of the two models each meet the needs of different customer groups.

More than that, Genrui has its own full range of reagents to provide better quality and stable testing reagents to our customers, through both open or closed systems are supported.

Types of Chemistry Analyzers

Why Choose Chemistry Analyzer from Genrui?

Why Choose Chemistry Analyzer from Genrui?

Genrui has been developing its own biochemistry line for many years, including fully automatic biochemistry machine series GS, biochemistry semi auto analyzer series WP, and electrolyte series GE, what's more, as an experienced chemistry analyzer distributor, Genrui provides its own chemistry reagent about 20+. All products fully meet the general needs of the market, and even better. 

For example, customer may choose analyzer according to daily sample numbers, and choose routine reagent both from Genrui or others according to open or closed system they want. Those nucleic acid detection reagents from Genrui are produced under strict and standard process to ensure the best performance, the related solution contains hepatic panel, renal panel, lipid panel, cardiac panel, diabetes panel, pancreatitis panel, anemia panel, etc., yet still under developing. Genrui chemistry analysers come with advanced capabilities and can process hundreds of samples accurately within a short span of time. Chemistry lab tests include assessments of liver and gallbladder diseases such as hepatitis, jaundice, cirrhosis, etc., kidney diseases such as nephritis, renal failure, etc., common disease indications such as diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, etc., high-risk tests such as hemolysis, hypoxia, acid-base poisoning, coma, etc. Genrui biotech offer advanced models designed to meet the needs of modern labs of all sizes. 

For instance, a popular model, the Genrui GS100 comes with powerful functionality and all-in-one solution. Test capability requirements, budget limitations and staffing are important factors that laboratories need to consider while choosing a chemical analyzer machine.

Other Factors of Chemistry Analyzer to Consider Including

  • Product features and specifications

  • Accuracy level

  • User-friendliness

  • Lab space

  • Safety

  • Warranty period

  • Cost-effectiveness

  • Efficient data management

  • Noise-free operation

  • Availability of accessories and reagents

  • CLSI (Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute) compliance

In short, Genrui's instruments can meet almost all of your chemistry analysis needs.

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