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  • Genrui Research & Development

    Since 2004, Genrui Biotech Inc. has empowered customers to solve complex challenges and transform their businesses. As a high-tech company, we adapt and respond quickly to changes around us to deliver better solutions to impact the world.

  • Genrui Research & Development

    Specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing IVD instruments and reagents, we are the only company in China that is capable of providing both human and veterinary IVD products and solutions. With wide-ranging product lines: Hematology, Chemistry, Chemiluminescence, POCT, Molecule, Veterinary, Specific Protein as well as associated reagents, one of the market leaders in China and in more than 120 countries and regions have been built. 

  • Genrui Research & Development

    In 2014-2021, more than 20% of annual turnover was invested into R & D, with over 100 engineers and 200 independent patents.

  • Genrui Research & Development

    Genrui has always attached great importance to innovation and development. We have built a global innovation exchange and practice platform and trained a large number of leading technical talents.

  • Genrui Research & Development

    Genrui maintains long-term cooperation with experts in multiple fields around the world. With more insight and rapid feedback, we constantly provide innovative products and solutions to help improve the efficiency of IVD diagnosis and treatment and promote the development of cutting-edge research.

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