Genrui semi-automatic chemistry analyzer, as a means of basic testing, has largely satisfied the extensive basic medical construction in some underdeveloped markets due to its lower cost and less time and manpower input. The mainly-used products are Genrui wp21a and Genrui wp21b. If you want to know more about the semi auto chemistry analyzer price, please contact us.

Semi Automated Chemistry Analyzer FAQs

  • Q

    How to distinguish a semi-auto and fully-auto chemistry analyzer?

    A :

    The so-called automatic biochemistry analyzer is a biochemistry analysis instrument that automates the sampling, reagent addition, mixing, thermal insulation reaction, detection, result calculation and display, cleaning and other steps in the analysis process.  Due to the high degree of automation and calibration, automatic correction function, so the subjective error and system error are relatively small, easy to use.

    The differences between automatic chemistry analyzer and semi-auto analyzer mainly focus on sampling, adding and mixing function, as well as how to do the cuvette washing, reagent management and maintenance.

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    What is flow cell method?

    A :

    Using a semi-auto analyzer, there are two methods to do the reaction, one is the flow cell method, the other is the cuvette. For the former, it refers to the chemistry reaction of the same test sample and reagent mixed in the same pipeline flow process. This is the first generation of automatic biochemistry analyzer. For the latter, it refers to the chemistry reaction of each sample to be tested and reagent to be mixed in their respective reaction cups or cuvettes.

    For the flow cell method, it makes the detection more accurate with its unique optical design, but for the long-term use, sample testing will be influenced by tube pulution.

    For cuvettes, because of Independent units of reaction, it makes the result more reliable.


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