POCT is defined as "the examination required for any medical measures at the patient's medical site". Tests conducted in the presence of the patient, not in a central laboratory, lead to improvements in patient care. "Testing developed and ruled by clinical laboratories, which can be carried to patients as reagent kit and performed in real-time but not in particular laboratory facilities, or other fixed, dedicated facilities."

The main criteria of POCT are that there is no need for a fixed test site, detection reagents and instruments are portable and can be operated in a timely manner. POCT does not require specialized clinical testing services like professional sampling.

In recent years, due to the development of high and new technology and the progress of medical science, as well as the efficient and fast-paced working mode, POCT with the miniaturization of experimental instruments, simple operation and real-time reporting results has been more and more favored by people.

The POCT machine platform is divided into parts according to application and methodology. For Genrui, now the FIA is the main product series designed to serve as to complete scientific and safe diagnosis in addition to traditional clinical laboratory solutions, which provides more convenient, accessible, less-burden, personalized and customized real-time testing. 

The FIA is an advanced technology. Using specially selected fluorescent materials to enhance the signal of a micro biomolecule, so as to obtain specific concentration information, it has the advantages of high specificity, high sensitivity and good practicability, so it is used to measure bioactive compounds, such as proteins (enzymes, acceptors, antibodies), hormones (steroids, thyroid hormones, phthalein hormones), drugs and microorganisms, etc.. One of our most popular series is point of care testing blood glucose monitoring device.

On the other hand, the colloidal gold rapid test kit and other POCT devices like KT-10 are now available and developing.

POCT Types

  • Quantitative Immunoassay Analyzer FA50
    FA50 is a simple, innovative and accurate POCT Immunofluorescence analyzer that has obtained CE, FDA and NGSP certificates. Combined with magnetic card auto-calibration, it can test different sample types including whole blood, serum and plasma.

    Quantitative Immunoassay Analyzer FA50

  • Colloidal Gold
    Genrui has released the COVID-19 rapid test of both antigen and antibody, and also the Flu test, using a simple and quick method of colloidal gold, the user could fast read their health condition without device, timer, incubator, etc. What’s more, in the near future, other testing projects including HIV, Malaria, FluA/FluB, Dengue will be launched.

    Colloidal Gold

  • Immunofluorescence Test
    Immunofluorescence assay (IFA) identifies the presence of antibodies by their specific ability to react with viral antigens expressed in infected cells.
    Immunofluorescence Test

Why choose POCT solution from Genrui?

In the field of POCT, Genrui invests a large amount of manpower and income in the research and development of new products and the optimization of existing products, accounting for more than 25% of the investment, sparing no effort to carry out registration program projects in order to expand more markets and win more reputation.

As the main product, FA50 has its irreplaceable market advantages, including the complete certificate, the advanced technology, user-friendly and intuitive UI design, free maintenance, etc. 

As for the testing, now it covers a wide range of clinical application, testing on FA could be used in many sites, more convenient for emergency use such as myocardial infarction monitoring, hormone dynamic observation, early infection screening and so on. All tests are CE certificate, additionally the NGSP for HbA1c, all these can prove the excellent performance of reagents.

As the registration and export data shows, through Genrui own products, the FA solution can bring the most objective and accurate data on relevant material analysis to clinicians and make reliable diagnoses to patients.

On the other hand, the professional service during cooperation with customers include products detailed training, promoting teamwork, full-scales analysis and solutions after sales, etc. Genrui spare no effort to serve every precious customer.

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