The Gernui COVID-19 Detection Kit is a qualitative test based on real-time reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) for detection of the SARS-CoV-2 RNA extracted from clinical specimens.

What is the Difference between PCR and Serological Test?

What is the Difference between PCR and Serological Test?

Nucleic Acid Test

Highly accurate, demanding, and long time-consuming, suitable as the first line of defence; capable of discovering infected people in the window period;

There are higher requirements for the detection platform and personnel. If the test result of the suspected patient is negative, the infection cannot be ruled out, and a follow-up test is required.

Serological Test

Simple, fast, generally accurate, suitable as an auxiliary; specimens are easy to obtain, easy to operate, and short time-consuming; however, it takes time to produce antibodies after the antigen enters the body, with a window period.

Nucleic Acid Detection Reagents FAQs

  • Q

    How long does the nucleic acid swab test take to result by Genrui products ?

    A :

    Nucleic acid swab testing generally produces results within 2 hours, because sampling, specimen submission, specimen testing, and verification of specimen results require a certain amount of time, so designated hospitals can get the test report within 2 hours. Nucleic acid detection is mainly through throat swab sampling.

  • Q

    What is a viral nucleic acids test?

    A :

    A viral test not only detects antigens (generally pathogen surface proteins, some are internal nuclear proteins) but also nucleic acids. During the outbreak of this pandemic, doing a viral nucleic acids test by PCR technology has become a major contributor to the detection of pathogens.


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