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Daily Maintenance and Cleaning of Fully Automated Biochemistry Analyzer

We believe maintenance should be divided into three levels.

1. Daily maintenance of fully automated biochemistry analyzers.

Regardless of the brand of the fully automated biochemistry analyzer, some necessary external devices are essential. These include pure water treatment machines (or distilled water), UPS protection power supplies, external computer workstations, and waste liquid discharge pipelines.

Before the instrument starts working, check whether these devices are intact, such as whether the voltage is stable, whether the computer is working properly, whether the water treatment machine is working properly, and whether the waste liquid discharge pipeline is unblocked.

In addition, laboratory environment is also extremely important. Temperature and humidity are key factors affecting the quality and lifespan of instrument operations. A temperature and humidity log should be established in the room, strictly recorded, and a table drawn up each month. Additionally, normal instrument switch-on and -off, daily instrument cleaning, sample reagent dose checks, and instrument surface cleaning are all cannot be overlooked.

2. Targeted maintenance of fully automated biochemistry analyzers.

This type of maintenance generally requires a certain understanding of the instrument structure, and the ability to disassemble some instrument components such as sampling needles and quartz colorimetric cups.

After using the instrument for a certain period, the sampling needle may become clogged due to protein condensation in the sample. This can cause failure to sample, resulting in zero results and pipeline blockage issues. The conventional cleaning procedure may not be effective, so it is necessary to manually disassemble and clean the instrument component. Since most blockages are caused by protein aggregation, it can be cleared physically first, and then soaked in the protein-removing solution for blood cell analyzer. For rubber pipes, dilute 84 disinfectant solution can be used for soaking, which is also effective, but this method is not recommended for frequent use as it can cause rubber aging. Sometimes, the physical bearing resistance or noise of the instrument increases, and it is necessary to ascertain if it is due to a lack of lubrication in the bearing element. Lubricant can be used selectively, preferably medical vaseline.

3. Replacement maintenance of fully automated biochemistry analyzers.

This type of maintenance generally occurs when the fully automated biochemistry analyzer is aging, has been used for a long period of time, or is overworked. This can cause insufficient lamp life, aging of instrument components, and serious bearing wear. At this time, it is necessary to contact the manufacturer, purchase components, and replace them.

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