Immunoassay is a highly selective bioanalytical method that measures the presence or concentration of analytes ranging from small molecules to macromolecules in a solution through the use of an antibody/antigen immunoassay test as a biorecognition agent. 

Immunoassays (IAs) play a critical role in various bioanalytical settings, such as clinical diagnostics, biopharmaceutical analysis, environmental monitoring, security, and food testing. It is even more critical to effectively diagnose, monitor, and manage the patients' health. Considering the prominent role that IAs play in clinical decision-making, they are indispensable for healthcare settings. 

Genrui keeps branding its own IAs platform, which is called specific protein analysis solution, the PA series including its instrument and reagents. After nearly 20 years of effort, the platform has become one of the most well-known analysts in the field in domestic and foreign markets. Now it is the Top 1 specific protein solution export in China.

All PA analyzers of Genrui use the nephelometry method to improve accuracy, repeatability, and reduce carryover. These analyzers include fully-auto one PA120 and semi-auto Genrui PA54. The former basically cover all demands from a small to the medium laboratory, with its high throughput and high automation. The latter shows the huge market capacity for some countries and regions under development and construction because of its compact model and good performance. The most important is the PA-compatible reagents that Genrui provides, which really play an irreplaceable part in the diagnosis of diabetes, infection, renal disease, rheumatoid disease, immunological diseases, clotting disorders, etc.

Different Types of Immunoassays

Why Choose Specific Protein Solution from Genrui?

Why Choose Specific Protein Solution from Genrui?

For the specific protein field, now Genrui is already the NO.1 for export in a domestic company, and yet we are still working for a further plan, to grow and share with customers as we hope. 

Genrui offers advanced models designed to meet the needs of modern labs of all sizes, fully-auto and semi-auto analyzers, certified by CE, NMPA, FDA (USA). Customers could freely choose models as they need. For instance, a popular model, the Genrui PA120 comes with powerful functionality and a "HUMAN (High Efficiency, User-oriented, Modular Design, Accurate, Nephelometry)" solution. For the testing items, for now, we provide our own immunoassay reagents of small-to-medium size package. All of these reagents got complete certification including ISO, NMPA, FSC, CE, NGSP (HbA1C). Those specific reagents from Genrui are produced under strict and standard process to ensure the best performance, the related solution contains Diabetes, Inflammation/Bacterial infection, Renal Function, Rheumatoid Disease, Immunological Diseases, Coagulation, etc., yet still under development.

As the data of registration and export shows, with Genrui self-developed products, the PA solution can bring the most objective and accurate analysis data of related material to clinicians to make a reliable diagnosis of patients. On the other hand, the professional service during cooperation with customers includes products detailed training, promoting teamwork, full-scales analysis and solutions after sales, etc. Genrui spares no effort to serve every precious customer. Test capability requirements, budget limitations and staffing are important factors that laboratories need to consider while choosing a specific protein analyzer.

Other Factors of Specific Protein to Consider Including

  • Product features and specifications

  • Accuracy level

  • User-friendliness

  • Lab space

  • Safety

  • Warranty period

  • Cost-effectiveness

  • Efficient data management

  • Noise-free operation

  • Availability of accessories and reagents

  • CLSI (Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute) compliance

In short, Genrui's solutions can meet almost all of your specific protein analysis needs.

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