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  • KT-8000
  • KT-8000
  • KT-8000

5-Diff Hematology Analyzer KT-8000

KT-8000 is equipped with auto-loader and sample mixer. This brand new fully automated hematology analyzer can free your hands and extend walk-away time. Smart counting mode can fit into more application scenarios than other hematology analyzers. Support both open vial/auto loading mode, and emergency sample first, and fit all the demands. Powerful data management unit has improved the work efficiency markedly.

Specifications of KT-8000 - SIMPLY MORE EFFICIENT

Throughput: 80 T/H

Result: 28 report parameters + 8 research parameters

            4 scattergrams + 2 histograms

Sample volume: 15-20ul

Screen size: 10.4-inch touch screen

Storage: 60,000

Unique design: Smart counting mode; 

                          built-in vortical barcode scanner; 

                          auto sample mixer; 

                          emergency sample insert


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