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Genrui has experienced great progress in both product development and market presence. The product range covers Immunoassay, Chemistry analyzer, Hematology analyzer, Point-of-Care analyzer, Molecular diagnosis products, Chemiluminescence analyzer and COVID-19 products as well as associated reagents, while market presence spreads across the whole of China and more than 110 countries worldwide.

Overall you can find many types of IVD reagent products by human use and veterinary use in Genrui.

Medical Reagents and IVD Solutions Series

Medical Reagents Buying Guides

  • Medical Reagents Buying Guides

    Reagents matching specific protein analyzer, in which HbA1c has NGSP certificates and also support a variety of different item tests.

  • Medical Reagents Buying Guides

    Calibration reagents for specific protein analyzer by different test items.

  • Medical Reagents Buying Guides

    Lyse solution for 3 Part hematology analyzer used to count and differentiate WBC & measure hemoglobin.

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