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  • Pre-Processing System
  • Pre-Processing System
  • Pre-Processing System

Pre-processing System SP9600

SP9600 is a brand-new automated sample transfer processing system that can transfer 96 samples from closed tubes to a 96-well plate in 20-30 minutes. The system supports handling 3 types of tubes simultaneously and is equipped with a high-torque recap/de-cap module to ensure a reliable de-capping result. It can also combine with the biosafety cabinet to realize complete isolation between personnel and novel coronavirus samples.

Besides, SP9600 can match with NE96 - Genrui fully automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument, directly extracting the nucleic acid from the samples without any transfer.

Specifications of SP9600 Pre-processing System

Throughput: 1-96 samples

Cycle: 96 samples only 20-30 minutes, 12-20s/sample

Temperature rate: 8℃/sec Max. temperature heating & cooling rate

Pipetting accuracy: CV<1%,

Transfer volume range: 10~1000ul

Compatibility: Compatible with 5ml/10ml VTM tubes


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